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External services

Le Parados propose des services aux femmes et aux enfants qui ne sont pas ou ne sont plus hébergés dans notre structure. Un accompagnement et un soutien personnalisé sont offerts en fonction des besoins de chacun.

Ce service est disponible du lundi au vendredi.

For women

No matter the form of violence experienced, Parados supports women in facing the challenges they encounter.

External service is offered to women who have left Parados as well as to those who do not wish to benefit from accommodation.

External follow-up for women includes:

Personalized meetings that adapt to your needs and availability.

Support in all your procedures (social assistance, legal aid, criminal complaints, civil court, etc.)

Parados adopts an intersectional feminist intervention approach. We are convinced that various forms of discrimination intersect and overlap, thus creating unique and often complex experiences for individuals facing multiple forms of discrimination simultaneously. In this regard, Parados has a specialized interventionist for immigrant and racialized women. 

For young people

Children, even though they are directly exposed to the dynamics of domestic violence within the family unit to which they belong, are often forgotten, or even invisible...

Parados is sensitive to the experiences of these children and the consequences they may face. The Specialized Youth Intervention Program in Domestic Violence aims to better support children aged 5 to 17 in their respective challenges by offering them a voice and a safe space to express themselves.

Youth external service includes :

Individual meetings for the child and/or their mother,

Listening and psychosocial intervention,

A personalized intervention plan based on the needs of the child,

With the mother's consent, collaboration with school staff or teachers at the child's school,

Preparation for supervised visits,


The frequency of meetings and the location where they take place are determined jointly by the mother and the interveners.

Support can be provided in all languages thanks to the presence of translators.

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