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Who are we ?

Who are we

Our team

Our board of directors

Our free and confidential services are offered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

The House

The Parados' mission is to welcome and shelter abused women and their children. In addition to providing a safe place to live, we ensure that we meet their immediate needs, facilitate their social integration, study, promote, protect and develop their rights and their economic and social interests in all ways. .

Our values

Respect (for oneself, for others and for the resource)

Have consideration and recognition,   for oneself and for others, even in difference.


Believe, use and develop your potential and personal power.

Think, make decisions and act by and for yourself.


In our common interest, develop the links that bring us together for our collective and individual well-being.

Our approach

At Parados, the intersectional feminist approach at the base of our interventions. We promote taking into account the particular experience, values, culture, religion, language, sexual orientation and everything that constitutes the condition of a woman... Through our professional approach, colored by our experiences personal, we support our clients in a process of devictimization which restores power over their lives.

In its mode of intervention, Le Parados emphasizes the needs and priorities of women and promotes the understanding of domestic violence as a social phenomenon rather than in terms of family or couple conflict. Based on the concept of empowerment, our interventions tend to give women power over their situation, their lives, their bodies, both collectively and individually. The bond of trust established with women aims to better equip them to strengthen, enhance and restore their self-esteem following the violence they have experienced.

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