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Prepare your departure

Prepare for departure

Often, in a context of domestic violence, the departure must be done hastily. In order not to put herself in unnecessary danger, it is important that the woman who wishes to leave acts quickly and, if possible, prepares certain things before departure.

Although preparation for departure is important, it is not essential and must remain safe. Never prepare your personal belongings in advance if it is not possible to do so without your partner's knowledge.

In order to help women who need it, Le Parados has established a list of elements that will facilitate departure:

The indispensable

Identity documents

Identity documents for your children

Duplicate keys

Immigration certificate


Your child's favorite toy

Health insurance card

Social insurance card

Health and vaccination record

Medicines and prescriptions


Driving license

Change of clothes

The important

Lease/mortgage contract/title deeds

Receipts for goods that belong to you

Home insurance policy

Life insurance policy

Birth certificate

Wedding contract

Address Book

The useful ones

Only download this list if you can keep it secure.

Whatever the situation, it will always be possible to collect personal effects after departure. This recovery will be discussed with the Parados workers so that it is completely safe.

Protection scenarios

If you live with a violent partner, it is important to develop protection scenarios in the event of a new episode of violence. These will serve to protect you and your children.

Here are some tips that might be useful to you:

Write down and learn by heart the emergency telephone numbers (911, people you trust, your family, SOS domestic violence, etc.);

Identify and inform people who can help you in the event of an emergency;

Depending on the age of the children, it may be appropriate to inform them of the possibility of leaving the family home quickly;

Prepare and hide a departure bag;

Agree on a communication code with a close person who can notify the police themselves in the event of an emergency;

Protect bank assets (open a personal account, change your PIN, etc.);

Protect social media accounts (remove geolocation and change passwords, etc.);

Disable geolocation of all electronic devices before departure.

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